SuperCell Crazy Recording everything about Storm Chasing

Yep, all that..

Not a massive amount going on at the moment. We had a relatively quiet xmas, the highlight being lunch at Asia de Cuba. Braved the sales at Selfridges (my all time favourite store in London) on Boxing Day, but didn't end up buying anything anyway. Saw House of Flying Daggers and When the Last Sword is Drawn. Daggers was great, much better than Hero - the story line was far more engaging, but still not as good as CTHD. Last Sword was good too, a slow paced Japanese Samurai movie.

Airbus A380-841 Prototype

The latest spy pic from Toulouse shows the double-decker A380 now has a paint job and all 4 massive engines attached. What a beast! (click post title for a larger version). The sheets covering certain sections of the fuselage and tail are probably covering the A380 and Airbus logos, so they must be very close to flight tests. So great to see another impressive aviation project coming out of France rather than the US. Be scared Boeing.

Mac Mini vs. Shuttle XPC

Like many gadget freaks, I've tried really hard to find a reason to buy a Mac mini. I'm all for a low cost headless system from Apple, but alas it's not a compelling reason for me to buy - yet. I guess I'm just not Apple's target market.

I thought about plugging it into my existing LCD monitor and Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse with a monitor switch to flick between that and my Shuttle XPC. But it's not ideal, what would I do on the Mac that I'm not already doing on my beasty AMD64 3500+ 1GB RAM 200GB SATA GeForce 6800 GT 256MB machine? You can buy it from If you have a Tigerdirect coupon code, the price will be much cheaper. - infact I could do less, no games, no flight simulators, and drastically reduced access to

How Do Thunderstorms Form

A brief answer of how do thunderstorms form is provided in these paragraphs. Thunderstorms are rain showers with lightning during which thunders are heard. Usually these are created due to surface-heating, convection transports air along with its contents, especially moisture in it. Convection is the main cause of thunderstorms. For thunderstorms there must be 3 basic ingredients. Rising unstable-air, moisture and lifting mechanism for providing the nudge. Due to the heat of the sun, earth surface gets warm, which in turn warms air above the surface. If such warm air is forced-to-rise (mountains or hills, or plains where cold/warm or dry/wet air bumps together could be the cause of rising motion), it rises and loses its weight. It thus stays warmer as compared to surrounding air.

Storm chaser lives

Storm chasing can be defined as pursuit of severe weather conditions, regardless of the motives like adventure, scientific investigation, curiosity, or for media coverage. A person chasing storms is a storm chaser. For most of the storm chaser lives main objective is witnessing tornadoes. Many storm chasers chase thunderstorms and feel pleasure to view cumulonimbus and cloud structures, watching hail barrage & lightning and unfolding of sky scapes. A few storm chaser lives intercept waterspouts and tropical cyclones. It is mainly a recreational-endeavor. Motives for this are usually given to videoing and photographing the storms and for various personal reasons. Such reasons may include beauty of the views of land & sky, mystery of unfolding and quest to the undetermined destination, intangible experiences about powerful natural-world, and the challenge to correctly forecast and intercept storms with optimal vantage-points and thrill seeking. Other components may be competition and pecuniary interests, commonly including camaraderie.

How to become a storm chaser

Sometimes people ask about how to become a storm chaser. Storm chasers are meteorological researchers who work on the fields. By becoming a storm chaser, a person travels the country while looking for the storms and reports its activities to the weather authorities. Information which these storm chasers gather helps the weather bureaus in order to give authentic warnings and forecasts. A storm chaser also conducts research for improving future storm-detection as well as weather forecasting. Most storm chasers are paid workers whereas some carry it as their hobby without getting any payment for the findings they made. Paid storm chasers are researchers and scientists who complete their field work, compile their reports and finally publish these research reports. Storm chasing is now very popular and allows people to get information about the storms by observing them themselves. This article describes simplest answer of how to become a storm chaser.

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